How much water should be in the tank?

The amount of water in the Tank simulates the weight of the Boat and Crew as it glides down the river. Changing the Water Level does not change the resistance, it simply changes the mass which the user is trying to move. Increasing the Water Level simulates a heavier boat and crew mass, similarly reducing the Water Level simulates a lighter boat and crew mass.

The Water Level is adjusted according to one’s personal preference or user type; the intensity is altered simply by moving the chosen mass faster or slower. A level gauge is
positioned on the side of the the tank. Overfilling the tank could impact the warranty coverage. Do not fill above the maximum level.

NOTE – Fill the tank with ordinary municipal water. Municipal water contains additives which will deter the growth of algae. If municipal water is unavailable, use distilled water (do not use well water). Unless using blue dye, add the purification tablet supplied with your WaterRower. (For further information, refer to the section on Preventative Maintenance for advice on Water Treatment).