What can I do if my water doesn´t look clear or clean?

  • Make sure the water you have in your tank is not hard water. Sometimes, using bottled water and not town tap water is a better option for keeping the water clean. If the tank is currently dirty, you may want to rinse/flush it out with some rubbing alcohol and then fill it with clean water. Please note that simply adding a purification to already cloudy water will not help clear up the water.
  • If you find that your tank has grown algae due to lack of maintenance with purification tablets, empty as much of the algae infested water as you can then fill the tank back up to where it was filled to previously. Next, add a 1/4 cup of an algae cleaner (we’ve recommended Pondcare Microbial Algae Clean solution). Give the handle a few pulls to mix the solution into the water. The solution suggested here will not harm your tank if you leave it in. You can row with it in without worrying about damaging your rower. Once the tank is clear again, go ahead and add a purification tablet.